Our Market Vendors

Fresh Produce

Abundance Cooperative: fresh seasonal produce (Regular June-November)

  • Matt Greenan
  • Barrs Corner NS
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Between the Rocks Farm: fresh seasonal produce and herbs (Occasional year-round)

  • Sarah Burchell
  • Ninevah NS
  • Phone: 902-644-2242
  • Email: sarahburchell@mail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Fitch Lake Farm: Farm fresh fruits & vegetables (Regular May-December)

  • Valerie, Greg, and Barbara Tanner
  • Conquerall Mills, Luneburg County NS
  • Telephone: (902) 521-4107
  • Email: vtanner@eastlink.ca
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards

Gilbert Farm: certified organic produce (Regular June-October)

  • Fred Gilbert
  • Midville Branch, NS
  • Phone: 902-530-2998
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Bridgewater

Geser Farm: seasonal produce (Regular Year-Round)

  • Hans Geser
  • Woodville, NS
  • Phone: 902-678-4413
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Hutten Family Farm: fresh seasonal produce (Regular Year-Round)

Komatiq Farm: fresh and dried mushrooms (Regular Year-Round)

  • Greg Doyle
  • Cherry Hill, NS
  • Phone: 902-410-2221
  • Email: Komatiqmushroom@gmail.com
  • Facebook: Komatiq Farm
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards, Halifax Forum

LaHave River Berry Farm: fresh seasonal produce and berries (Regular June-October)

  • Melissa Mersey
  • LaHave NS
  • Phone: 902-521-1701
  • Email: melissa@lahaveriverberryfarm.ca
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Pleasant Hill Farm: certified organic field and greenhouse grown produce (Regular Year-Round)

  • Cindy Rubenfine and David Blanchard
  • Pleasant River NS
  • Email: pleasanthillfarm.ns@gmail.com
  • Website: http://pleasanthillfarm.ca/
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Robin’s Roost Farm: fresh season produce and plants (Regular June-November)

  • Robin Johnston
  • Pleasant River NS
  • Email: robin.johnston7@gmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Privateers Liverpool

Rumtopf Farm: salad greens, herbs, seasonal produce and baskets (Regular May-December)

  • Mike and Wanda Wolter
  • Conquerall Mills, Lunenburg County NS
  • Phone: (902) 543-6391
  • Email: wandawolter@gmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards, Bridgewater

Watershed Farm: certified organic seasonal produce, certified organic free-range eggs and CSA (Occasional May-December)

Bread & Baked Treats

Amazing Acadian Pancake Mix: Locally produced and locally sourced pancake mix, maple syrup and honey (Regular Year-Round)

  • Jason Remai
  • Lunenburg NS
  • Phone: 902-299-0437
  • Email: jasonr@thephotogallery.ca
  • Website: www.acadianpancakes.ca
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Boulangerie la Vendéene: French bakery (Regular Year-Round)

  • Mahone Bay NS
  • Phone: (902) 531-3090
  • Email: boulangerie@eastlink.ca
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards, Wolfville, Seaport Farmers’ Market

Coastal Pup Dog Treats: locally sourced handmade dog treats (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Karen Woods & Rita Koole
  • Riverport NS
  • Telephone: (902) 766-4420
  • Email: sept1760@hotmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Gold Island Bakery: fresh Northern European-style breads made from Maritime flour (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Jessica Ross
  • Scotch Village NS
  • Telephone: (902) 448-2768
  • Email: info@goldislandbakery.ca
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Brewery Farmers’ Markets

Julien’s Pastry Shop: authentic French bakery (Regular Year-Round)

  • Laura Mulrooney& Didier Julien
  • Chester NS
  • Telephone: (902) 275-8033
  • Email: juliensbakery@gmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards, Seaport

Paterson Higgins: fresh baked treats (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Paterson Higgins
  • Lunenburg, NS
  • Email: phiggin@eastlink.ca
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Rosebay Scratch Baking: fresh Maritime brown bread, scones, cookies, muffins and pies (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Maryanne & Doug Hodges
  • Rosebay, NS
  • Email: dougandmaryann@eastlink.ca
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Sarah Batten: handmade Belgian-style chocolates and fudge (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Lunenburg NS
  • sarahmfcurrie@gmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet: gourmet on-the-go local gluten-free food products (Regular June-September)


Out to Pasture Farm: 100% Grass fed beef, lamb, licensed free-range chicken, FSC certified wood products and Christmas trees (Regular Year-Round)

  • Kevin Veinotte
  • West Northfield, Lunenburg County NS
  • Telephone: (902) 521-4482
  • Email: kevinvfarm@gmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards

The Fish Store: large selection of local fresh fish, shellfish, smoked and salted fish (Regular Year-Round)

Webbersfoods: European sausages and prepared meats (Regular Year-Round)

  • Chris Weber
  • Greenfield NS
  • Phone: 902-521-5385
  • Email: webbersfood@gmail.com
  • Facebook: Webbersfoods
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards

Wooly Mountain Farm: Pasture raised lamb and pork, carefully selected beef cuts, an assortment of sausages, fresh farm eggs, and more (Regular Year-Round)

  • Kurt Wentzell
  • Lunenburg County, NS
  • Telephone: (902) 212-1848
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Fresh Cheese

Ran-Cher Acres: pasteurized goat milk, goat milk yogurt, cheeses, free-range eggs (Regular Year-Round)

Sweetwood Farm: pasteurized small batch hand-ladled European-style goat cheeses (Occasional year-round)

  • Heather Squires
  • Blockhouse NS
  • Phone: (902) 298-9697
  • Email: heather_squires@hotmail.com
  • Website: facebook.com/sweetwoodfarm
  • Markets: Lunenburg

West Dublin Buffalo Dairy: pasteurized water buffalo cheeses and yogurt (Occasional year-round)

Prepared Food & Beverages

Abundance Nourishing Ice Pops: gourmet, locally sourced ice pops (Occasional June-September)

  • Danielle Griffin
  • Bridgewater NS
  • Email: abundanceicepops@gmail.com

Barr’s Savoury Pies: homemade soups, pies, fresh meals and more (Regular Year-Round)

  • John & Tatjana Barr
  • Lunenburg NS
  • Phone: 640-2879
  • Email: jtbarr133@eastlink.ca
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Dragon Fly Farm: locally-made lemonade concentrate (Occasional June-September)

  • Martin Walton
  • Email: md.walton@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 902-541-9008

Homemade For You: handmade pasta and crackers (Occasional May-October)

  • Grant Sobol
  • Sable River NS
  • Email: dandgsobol@gmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Shelburne

Indus Cuisine: fresh authentic Northern Indian and Pakistani Food (Regular March-October)

  • Muhammad Aslam
  • Halifax, NS
  • Phone: 902-489-3839
  • Facebook: Cafe Karachi
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Lamprai & Spice: fresh Sri Lankan food (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Suneetha Ferraira
  • Bridgewater NS
  • Telephone: 902-543-7270
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Laughing Whale Coffee Roasters: The South Shore’s only certified organic and fair trade certified coffee roaster. (Regular Year-Round)

Sandra’s Choice: fresh and frozen meals and treats, catering available (Regular Year-Round)

  • Sandra Sabourin
  • Bridgewater, NS
  • Phone: 521-5080
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Suprima Farm: fresh and frozen apple cider (Regular Year-Round)

  • Richard Hennigar
  • Canning NS
  • Phone: 902-582-3044
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards, Wolfville, Seaport

The Airstream Cafe: espressos, cappuccinos, sausages, crepes, schnitzel, and more (Regular May-September)

  • Ross and Rita Landgraf
  • Bridgewater NS
  • Phone: 527-9127
  • Facebook: The Airstream Cafe
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Bridgewater

Plants & Flowers

Annapolis Seeds: locally grown seeds and heritage varieties (Occasional March-June)

Bear Cove Resources: storm-cast composted seaweed (Occasional, May-June)

Fitch Lake Farm: bedding plants, hanging baskets and herbs (Regular May-December)

  • Valerie, Greg, and Barbara Tanner
  • Conquerall Mills, Luneburg County NS
  • Telephone: (902) 521-4107
  • Email: vtanner@eastlink.ca
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards

Joyce Zinck: field grown plants (Regular May-August)

  • Middle Branch, Nova Scotia
  • Phone: (902) 543-2086
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Littlest Flower Farm: fresh cut flowers and bouquets (Occasional June-October)

  • Alicia Steeves
  • Lunenburg NS
  • Phone: (902) 298-2796
  • Email: littlestflowerfarm@gmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Tulipwood: straight from the garden cut flowers, bouquets, seasonal wreaths and more (Regular May-December)

  • Svenja Dee
  • Lunenburg NS
  • Telephone: (902) 634-3857
  • Email: tulipwood@eastlink.ca
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards

Wine, Beer & Spirits

Grand Pre Wines: 100% grown and produced Nova Scotia wines (Regular May-October) 

Ironworks Distillery: Nova Scotia’s first micro-distillery using only natural ingredients (Regular May-September)

Petite Riviere Vineyards: wines of the LaHave River Valley (Regular May-September)

Saltbox Brewing Co: local craft beer

  • Andrew Tanner
  • Mahone Bay NS
  • Phone: (902) 622-6439
  • Email: andrew@saltboxbrewingcompany.ca
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Seaport Halifax

Still Fired Distilleries: local craft spirits (Occasional Year-Round)

Preserves & Condiments

Fitch Lake Farm: jams, jellies and pickles (Regular May-December)

  • Valerie, Greg, and Barbara Tanner
  • Conquerall Mills, Luneburg County NS
  • Telephone: (902) 521-4107
  • Email: vtanner@eastlink.ca
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards

Komatiq Farm: pickled mushrooms and mushroom preserves (Regular Year-Round)

  • Greg Doyle
  • Cherry Hill, NS
  • Phone: 902-410-2221
  • Email: Komatiqmushroom@gmail.com
  • Facebook: Komatiq Farm
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards, Historic Halifax

Ma Bell’s Country Condiments: seasonally inspired, locally sourced jams, jellies, chutneys and herbal vinegar (Regular Year-Round)

  • Meredith Bell
  • Mahone Bay NS
  • Phone: (902) 624-0056
  • Email: meredith@mabells.ca
  • Website: http://www.mabells.ca/
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards Farmers’ Markets

Mother Culture Kimchi: vegan kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Caroline Borle
  • Barrs Corner NS
  • Phone: (902) 644-3620
  • Email: motherculturelove@gmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Rudi’s Hot Sauce: locally sourced and produced hot sauce (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Rudi Brooks
  • Halifax NS
  • Email: sales@rudishotsauce.com
  • Phone: 902-404-8716


Barbara Holzmark Custom Footwear: handmade leather footwear & accessories  (Regular May-December)

  • Barbara Holzmark
  • LaHave NS
  • Phone: (902) 688-2838
  • Email: dubtach@hotmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Cheryl Corkum: local artist (Regular June-December)

Felicia Knock: local fiber artist (Regular Year-Round)

Good Natured Recycled Earth Friendly Art: One-of-a-kind handmade recycled art, toys, photography, jewellery, felted items and Waldorf inspired colourful toys (Regular May-December)

  • Mike & Sherry Goede.
  • Chester Basin NS
  • Email: mgoede@eastlink.ca

HM Leather Works: handmade leather accessories (Regular May-December)

  • Bill & Denise Ross
  • Liverpool NS
  • Email: bill.ross99@gmail.com
  • Facebook: HM Leather Works
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Annapolis

Jim Howlett: stained glass artisan (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Jim Howlett
  • Lunenburg, NS
  • Phone: 640-2619
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Liz Carver Chick: whimsical wood carver (Occasional May-December)

  • Elizabeth Brown
  • Liverpool NS
  • Email: lizbcarverchick@gmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Liverpool Privateer

Medway Candle: beeswax candles from 100% Nova Scotia beeswax sourced from beekeepers as close to home as possible (Regular Year-Round)

Meversibles: handmade hats & accessories (Regular Year-Round)

  • Melanie Fontaine
  • Lunenburg, NS
  • Phone: 902-298-0400
  • Email: magieme@hotmail.com
  • Website: www.meversibles.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Seaport

Naturally Wood: Handcrafted wooden cutting boards, bowls, trays, and much more (Regular May-December)

  • Rodney Wiley
  • Kingston NS
  • Phone: (902)844-0901
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Seaport

Ocean View Wood Working: Handcrafted wooden cutting boards (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Allan Maxwell
  • Blue Rocks NS
  • Phone: 902-640-2395
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Sand Dollar Silver: handcrafted sterling silver jewelry (Occasional, Year-Round)

Sea Dog Bags: handcrafted upcycled bags

The Hat Junkie: local artist, handmade hats (Regular Year-Round)

Touch the Dutch: local artist, hand crafted jewelry (Occasional, Year-Round)

  • Anneke van Bommel
  • Conquerall Mills NS
  • Phone: 902-514-6013
  • Email: annekevanbommelis@hotmail.com
  • Website: www.touchthedutch.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Soap & Skin Care

Homesteaders Natural Productshandmade goat’s milk soaps, wool dryer balls, folding laundry hangers and more (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Melonie Swinomer
  • Western Shore NS
  • Phone: (902) 527-8205
  • Email: melonieswinamer@gmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Tantallon Village, Rural Roots/Ross Farm

Nourished Self-Carehandmade naturally and organically sourced self-care products (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Amanda Rhyno
  • Bridgewater NS
  • Phone: (902) 212-0017
  • Email: nourishedselfcare@gmail.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg

Seaweed Soap Co.handmade soaps with seaweed from the waters of Mahone Bay (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Nancy Rhodenizer
  • Chester NS
  • Phone: (902) 299-7627
  • Email: seaweedsoaps@gmail.com
  • Website: www.seaweedsoapcompany.com
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Wolfville, Chester


Blade Runner Sharpening: knife, scissor and garden tool sharpening (Occasional Year-Round)

  • Bob & Anne Beaulac
  • Chester Basin NS
  • Phone: (902) 275-5769
  • Email: bobbeaulac@bellaliant.net
  • Markets: Lunenburg, Hubbards




























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