Thursday is Market Day July 20

Fresh At Market

Apple Cider, Apples, Asparagus, Asian Greens, Arugula, Beet Greens, Strawberries, Cherries, Currents, Raspberries, Beans, Green Onions, Honey, Herbs, Kale, Maple Syrup, Mushrooms, Mesclun, Mustard Greens, Parsnips, Potatoes, Onions, Radishes, Rhubarb, Shoots, Snow Peas, Snap Peas, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Sweet Potatoes, Stinging Nettle, Spring Turnips, Tomatoes, Zesty Greens

Eggs, Goat Milk, Goat Milk Cheese, Goat Milk Yogurt, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Haddock, Halibut, Pork, Salmon, Scallops, Trout, and more..

Vendor Update

Sandra’s Choice & Gilbert Farm are away

Occasional Vendors Attending

Lamprai & Spice: fresh Sri Lankan food

James Howlett: local stained glass artisan

Sarah Batten: handmade chocolates and fudge

Rose Bay Scratch Baking: fresh Maritime brown bread, pies, cakes, cookies and more

The Airstream Cafe: lattes, espressos, crepes, sausages and more

Westcote Bell Pottery: handmade pottery

Abundance Cooperative: fresh seasonal produce

Sand Dollar Silver: handcrafted sterling silver jewelry

Rudi’s Hot Sauce: locally crafted hot sauces

Between the Rocks Farm: fresh seasonal produce and eggs

Serendipity Gardens: local raw honey

Homesteaders Natural Products: handmade goat milk soaps and more

Robin’s Roost Farm: fresh seasonal produce

Indus Cuisine: fresh Northern Indian and Pakistani food

West Dublin Buffalo Dairy: locally raised and produced Water Buffalo yogurts and cheeses

Nourished Natural Self Care: naturally and organically sourced self care products

HM Leather Works: handmade leather accessories

Littlest Flower Farm: fresh cut flowers

Blade Runner Sharpening: knife, scissor and garden tool sharpening service

Ocean View Wood Work: handmade cutting boards and more

Mother Culture Kimchi: locally grown and produced vegan kimchi

Firkinstein Brewing: local craft beer

Acadian Pancakes: locally sourced pancake mix, Maplewood maple syrup and honey

Community Space

Boxwood Festival









5 thoughts on “Thursday is Market Day July 20

  1. We love the market every Thursday. I just read that Evans Fish Store will not be back and was curious to learn why. We have bought fish from both fish mongers and have been well pleased with them. Thank you.

    • Evan’s Seafood decided that they could no longer make it to market. Between their wholesale orders and their restaurant in Dartmouth they are too busy and not able to consistently supply our market.
      Thank you for the inquiry.

      Ashley Marlin
      Market Manager
      Lunenburg Farmers’ Market

  2. We are (sadly) on a road trip from Louisiana, and won’t make it to Lunenburg until Thursday evening. We will be in town for a few days. Do some of these vendors have storefronts in town we can check out? Just hoping we can still get some fresh, local, delicious stuff while we are in town!

    • Too bad.

      Our vendors themselves do not have storefronts, but some of the stores in Lunenburg do carry some products. Dots & Loops and Shop on the Corner are great stores. For eating Lincoln St resaturant and Rime Restaurant buy from our market.

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